Need a problem solved efficiently? With structured partnerships and experience in real estate and hospitality we can offer solutions through our advisory and consulting services.

Latimer Living can consult on development across a wide range of industry sectors including property & investment sourcing, boutique development, conceptualisation, construction, and delivery. We have access to an extensive network nationwide and can offer exclusive access to off market deals and various equity schemes. Want to keep an eye on the market? We’re able to work on a retainer basis to source and bring the best deals to you, so you’ll never miss another opportunity.


Our aim is always to create a comfortable and functional home that best reflects you, your lifestyle, and your values.

We see value and vision in reworking existing spaces, layouts, and pieces. Whatever your vision our approach is the same: working with clarity, conciseness and delivering on effortless luxury.

Interior Design _ Styling
Property Management


With years of experience in managing properties accompanied by a background in boutique hospitality, Latimer Living is well positioned to maintain the upkeep of your property and offer additional services to support your busy life.

We offer a range of different packages dependent on your needs, ranging from full property management to property maintenance, for a convenient monthly or annual fee.


Do you have grand plans for what you think your space could be like? At Latimer Living, we focus on creative solutions to help you achieve the best possible use of space and look and feel for your home.

We exclusively manage your timeline and current living space throughout your project to ensure that your project is delivered on time and that your home remains as habitable as possible during the works.


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