Drawing on the principles and skills we have developed in extensive residential and hospitality refurbishments, Latimer Living’s key commitment is to extend that expertise to clients, with the emphasis on compelling design, strong service delivery and the achievement of long-term goals.

Design is central to Latimer Living’s outlook. We focus on developing creative solutions that help you to achieve the best possible use of space, or to rework and refurb existing spaces, layouts and pieces. Our core ethos is centred around the creation of a comfortable, practical expression of your desired aesthetic. We pride ourselves on our cost effectiveness and the ability to turn budgets on their heads by providing high-end quality for High Street affordability. With the structured partnerships that we have in place we are able to offer expertise from key professionals, suppliers and service-providers to get your project off the ground and to maintain that momentum throughout the process. Latimer Living works closely with designers, contractors and suppliers to tailor-make all the elements of your refurbishment / build so that it best reflects the spirit of your lifestyle and vision.


Our scope encompasses residential and commercial refurbishments and builds.  Our commercial portfolio is primarily investment driven, with the focus on good returns for the least outlay.  In order to give maximum value to our clients, we monitor how many projects are taken on at any given time.

We approach each project holistically, optimising all available resources and focusing on innovative ways to expand on budgetary considerations. We are acutely aware of the importance of symbiotic relationships within each project and insist on transparency between clients, architects, designers and contractors to ensure that timelines are adhered to (or simplified and streamlined where possible) and that site and progress reports are regularly conducted. By managing these processes, Latimer Living acts as the central axis and is able to remain in control of all aspects of the project, driving it forward towards a successful completion.

Interior Design _ Styling
Property Management


Latimer Living’s property management service is derived from our clients who live abroad and who have international property portfolios – with central London being the predominant market.  We offer a full management service for these assets, structured according to individual client requirements.

We track the markets constantly, studying development trends and opportunities. Through our extensive network of agents, contractors, designers and architects nationwide, we can offer exclusive access to off-market deals and various equity schemes. We consult across a wide range of sectors, including property and investment sourcing, boutique development and design houses, and are able to implement the conceptualization and construction of the project, whilst maintaining our focus on service delivery. Once the project is complete and ready to roll out, there are a number of additional ways that Latimer Living can assist. We can manage the property on an ongoing basis to ensure that maintenance is regularly carried out; we can keep an eye on markets to find your next project, and we can identify properties that would best suit your needs. All of this can be structured on a retainer basis, to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is safe, is bringing returns and is efficiently staying the course.