Maximising Returns, Minimising Risks with StayBeyond.

We track the markets constantly, studying development trends and opportunities. Through our extensive network of agents, contractors, designers and architects nationwide, we can offer exclusive access to off-market deals and various equity schemes. We consult across multiple sectors, including property and investment sourcing, boutique development and design houses. We can implement the conceptualization and construction of the project while maintaining our focus on service delivery. Once the project is complete and ready to roll out, there are several additional ways that Latimer Living can assist you, such as linking you with our sister company, StayBeyond.

StayBeyond can manage the property on an ongoing basis to ensure that maintenance is regularly carried out; can keep an eye on markets to find your next property project and identify properties that would best suit your needs. This can be structured on a retainer basis to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is safe, bringing returns, and efficiently staying the course.

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