Do you have grand plans for what you think your space could be like? At Latimer Living, we focus on creative solutions to help you achieve the best possible use of space, look and feel for your home. Wanting to create the perfect environment but concerned about disruption and cost? There’s no need. We will exclusively manage your timeline and current living space throughout your project to ensure that your project is delivered timeously and that your home remains as habitable as possible during the works.  We have years of experience in construction, design to guide you along each step of the journey. From transformative projects such as kitchens and bathrooms, to smaller, more intimate projects such as cosmetic touches with redecorating, we’re able to offer all services under one roof. In addition to our expertise we have an exclusive in-house team so we can offer bespoke expertise. Together, we work with you (and around you) to ensure we make the entire process seamless and simple from start to finish.