About Me

I see design in a very specific way. My preference is for spaces that are relaxed yet stylish, infused with the nuances of the African continent.
I grew up in Durban, South Africa, with a deep appreciation for the clean lines of colonial architecture and a fascination for the diverse artistic talent that Africa inspires. I have a passion for interiors that enchant the senses, and for homes that are comfortable, functional, and quietly breathtaking.

Latimer Living has evolved almost alchemically. After qualifying as an Interior Designer, I went on to complete an Honours degree in Fashion at the London College of Fashion. While studying, I started a company that did renovations for smaller properties in Chelsea, London, where I honed my Interior Design skills. Several years later, I had the opportunity to transform four self-catering apartments in Clifton, Cape Town into a boutique hotel. It was a hands-on six month project wearing a hard hat and training staff from scratch. But the experience provided an exceptional window to showcase my abilities as a designer, and I am proud to share that today Cape View Clifton is an award-winning destination, voted most romantic hotel of the year.

With harmony my driving force, I designed each room at Cape View Clifton to capitalise on what is arguably the best view in Cape Town. Using an understated colour palette, a handful of textures, and an eclectic range of African art pieces, no piece is superfluous. Flow - from indoor to out, from one room to another - is everything. I soon had guests hiring me to recreate the feeling they had at Cape View Clifton in their own homes and queries about where to source the unique décor items on display. This led to me opening a shop in the hotel, and in due course, the idea of taking Latimer Living to London was conceived.

Today, I am delighted to offer clients a variety of bespoke and flexible interior design services, within efficient timeframes. I also propose an exclusive collection of artworks, curated to bring a hint of the wide open skies of South Africa from my home to yours.