About Me


Latimer Living sees design in a very specific way. Infused with the nuances of the African continent and a well travelled eye, we create pieces for homes that are comfortable, functional, and quietly breath-taking. Its founder, Jess Latimer, grew up in Durban, South Africa, with a deep appreciation for the clean lines of colonial architecture and a fascination for the diverse artistic talent that Africa inspires, this fascination became the base on which Jess developed Latimer Living, working with artisans and craftspeople across the globe.

‘‘Our collections are curated to bring a hint of the wide open skies of South Africa from our home to yours.’’

We stock a carefully curated a variety of ethically-sourced, eco friendly products from the African continent and Asia, as well as from other compelling cultures. They all share one thing in common: a hint of the exotic with a contemporary yet colonial feel.

Our products are all handmade by local co-operatives, who pride themselves on crafting items that embody the tribal heart of their cultures. We put a focus on creating pieces that are all fashioned and dyed using traditional indigenous methods. Our bone, wood and horn products are all locally-conceptualised and produced, as well as being ethically-sourced and eco friendly.

Latimer Living use artisans renowned for being a frontrunners in enabling local communities. Hand-picked from eminent artists, ceramists and sculptors; they capture all that is beautiful about traditional flora and fauna with a modern, cosmopolitan twist.