Latimer Living founded by Jess Latimer in 2017, launched as an extension of her Boutique Hotel Cape View Clifton in Cape Town, and organically grew into an online UK based interior outlet. Having sold her boutique hotel in 2018 she shifted her focus solely to the UK.

In 2018, Latimer Living evolved targeting various niches of the real estate market.  Drawing on her wide reaching network that has been built up over the past 14 years in the UK, Latimer Living now concentrates on connecting, advising and consulting in and around the real estate sector with strong links to development and hospitality.

Latimer Living is a co-founder of The Design Room London the latest venture with Justin Van Breda London.


A naturally instinctive Entrepreneur.

Having started her first business, a residential property development company at 21 while studying at The University of the Arts London and then moving on to launching an award winning Luxury Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, Cape View Clifton, Jess is now settling into a portfolio career focused on real estate.


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